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Test Systems

Fully Automated ASHRAE 52.2 Test System:

Our ASHRAE 52.2 test system is fully automated for:

  • Air flow rate settings and adjustments

  • Element pressure drop measurements

  • Particle generation

  • Particle counting

  • Efficiency calculations

  • MERV classification

  • Data storage and processing

Fully Automated Vertical Filter Test System:

This test performs loading and pressure drop measurements, as well as fractional efficiency tests up to 99.99999%. It is used to perform tests based on most standards including: HEPA/ULPA, ASHRAE 52.2, EN 779, SAE J1669, JIS, ASTM, and ISO. Our test system is fully automated for:

  • Air flow rate settings and adjustments

  • Particle counting

  • Particle generation

  • Efficiency calculations

  • Data storage and processing

  • Filter scanning

Fully Automated Flat Sheet Test System:

Our flat sheet test system is designed for testing of production filter media. It is fully automated to be used by an operator with minimal knowledge of filter testing. The system is designed to provide easy feeding of flat sheets to the test chamber. With the push of a button, efficiency tests will automatically run and data will be processed and stored.​​


  • Easy flat sheet feeding with an automatic closing of test chamber

  • Maximum flat sheet size: 12" x 12"

  • Automatic airflow setting

  • Automatic pressure drop measurement

  • Automatic particle counting

  • Data processing for:

    • MERV number​

    • Pass/ No Pass

    • Initial F classification for EN779

    • E, H, U classifications for EN1822

Pulse Filter Testing:

Our new testing duct is the perfect tool for in situ simulation of HVAC, heavy automotive, and aerospace environments. It is capable of controlling and performing tests under specific conditions between:

  • 1,000 - 15,000 CFM system airflow

  • Greater than 10 inches water gauge (2.5 kPa) restriction

  • 0 - 160 PSI (0 - 1,100 kPa) pulse pressures

  • 50˚ to 120˚ F (10 - 50 C˚) temperatures (other temperatures possible)

  • 20% - 97+% RH

  • 0 - 500 gram per minute dust feed rate

  • 20 kilogram (44 pound) dust feed capacity

  • Uniform mixing of dusts with minimum loss of feed

  • Standard or customer specified dusts and aerosols

  • Rain or mist simulation

  • Full directional water spray (other fluids may be available)

  • 0 - 120 MPH upstream wind speeds (in addition to system flow)

  • Fractional efficiency of test dust and salt at requested intervals

  • Water fractional efficiency using proprietary particle counters and methods

  • Gravimetric efficiency at requested intervals

  • Sampling with 0.45 micrometer membrane filters

  • Load up - pulse down sequences

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