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Electronic Neutralizer

Electronic Aerosol Neutralizer:

Charge neutralizers are commonly used to eliminate charges on particles during particle generation. The purpose is to minimize effects of electrostatic charges on fractional efficiency tests. The form on charge neutralizer used in air filtration testing is a radioactive type which generates bi-polar ions. However, there are increasingly more occasions where local, state, and national regulations refuse to license the acquisition and use of radioactive sources. The LMS electronic neutralizer is designed to be an alternative for applications where the use of a radioactive neutralizer is prohibited.

Features of LMS Electronic Neutralizer:

  • No radioactive source

  • No particle generation

  • Dimensional size is the same as the common radioactive neutralizer

  • Common source power: 110V-220V

  • Positive and negative ions can be adjusted to get perfect balance

  • Field meter provided to check zero particle charge level

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