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Specialty Testing and Services

LMS Technologies, Inc. collaborates with our customers to develop innovative testing solutions for unique applications. Some of the past specialty projects have included:​

  • Flow visualization of smoke passing through a filter

  • High temp gas removal test up to 300c

  • Vacuum cleaner flow measurement, fractional efficiency, and dust pickup efficiency

  • Water fractional efficiency test for coalescent filters

  • Flow measurements of air cleaners and in-situ filter qualification 

  • Vacuum cleaner qualification as zero output or HEPA system

  • Air cleaner testing based on AHAM (CADR rating) and Chinese GB18801 for research purpose

  • Image analysis

  • Electron Microscopy SEM/EDS

  • Powder sizing 

  • Bi-product analysis by PTR-TOF GC

  • Gas sample analysis by GC MASS and liquid chromatography 

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