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Dust Feeders


Our ASHRAE 52.2 dust feeder is designed and manufactured to meet the ASHRAE 52.2 standard for loading dust to air filters. It is rugged and long lasting. We have validated the design from our 20+ years of experience and by using the dust feeder in our daily air filtration tests.

Mid Flow, Mid Capacity (MFMC) Dust Feeder:

There are many applications that require moderate flow rate of dust feeding with moderate capacity. We have designed, manufactured, and sold dust feeders to customers that want to feed dusts of higher rate and capacity. The dust can be ASHRAE dust, LMS dust, or other fine dusts.

This MFMC dust feeder has the following features:

  • Consistent Feed Rate: 0 gm/min to 100 gm/min

  • Maximum Tray Capacity: 5000 gs

High Flow, High Capacity (HFHC) Dust Feeding System:

Our HFHC Dust Feeding System is designed to feed sticky dust (such as SAE or ISO dust and ARAMCO dust) and non-sticky dust to air filters at high flow rates with uniform dust distribution. One application is the feeding of dust to test the loading performance of pulse-cleaned power plant cartridge filters.

Our proprietary design of the dust feeding system offers the following advantages:

  • Adjustable accurate dust feeding rates: 0 gm/min to 500 gm/min

  • Dust feeding capacity: up to 20 kilograms (44 pounds)

  • Uniform mixing and transfer of dust to test duct

  • Extremely low loss: 99% transfer efficiency to filter

  • Simulation of dust storm to inlet of test ducts

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