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Gas and Byproduct Testing

Gas Testing:

We conduct gas removal tests for filters and system testing with single or multi gas. We are capable of studying monitors used in residential and commercial settings.

Our gas tests include:

  • ASHRAE 145-1 & 145-2

  • Chinese standards such as JBT

  • SAE 1669

  • ISO 11155

  • ASAB S613-3

  • Multipass Gas Test CADRgas

  • Gaseous by products study

  • Degas study ​

Equipment for Gas Byproduct Testing:

We can study byproducts for units used in microbial and gas removal systems.


A list of our equipment for gas fuel byproduct testing includes:

  • PTR - ToF MC with GC

  • GC Mass

  • Liquid chromatograph (HPLC)

  • Formaldehyde Analyzer PPT Levels

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Analyzer

  • SO2 Analyzer

  • Ammonia Analyzer

  • NO, NO2, NOX Analyzer

  • Ion Reader

  • SEM/EDs

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