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Gas Turbine Testing


Testing of Gas Turbine Filters:

  • High Humidity Test

  • Over Flooding Test

  • Wind Driven Water Droplet Test

  • Wet and Dry Breach Test

  • ARAMCO Test

  • Remainder of Life Test for Used Filters

  • 52.2, EN779, EN1822, JIS and other Standards

  • Fog Test

  • Water Fractional Efficiency Test

  • Mullen Burst Test

  • Salt water removal based on solar requirements

  • Salt water removal based on GE requirements

  • Water Droplet Efficiency

  • Temperature Cycling

  • Integrity Test

  • Combined DHC Test

  • Rough Handling Test

  • Cleanability Test, 200 Pulse Test, Dust Rejection Test

  • Media Permeability Test

  • Media Hydrophobicity Test

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